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Energy survey.

We  went around school last week too  see  how many  lights and plug sockets in the classrooms  were left on.

We visited the  Year 1 to 5 classrooms and quietly counted.


The best class was…………………………….. :3B

Well done everybody on turning off the the lights and plug sockets.

Keep up the good work Eco Monitors!!


Litter Picking Survey

We decided to do a Litter Picking Survey to see which areas of school have a lot of litter.

All of Eco club joined in. We worked in pairs and were given allocated areas. We looked at the muga, trim trail, Nursery, entrance area,  Year 6 area, car park and play decks. We recorded what litter we found.

We  found the Year 6 area and the muga had the most litter. But the car park had lots of litter that had been blown in.

We will look complete another litter picking survey around school this term. So everyone beware…………..Don’t drop litter !!!!

Tree planting.

Devonshire Primary School had some baby trees delivered to school. We had a look around school to decide where would be a good place to plant the tree’s. We were looking at where there was a space around the perimeter of the school ground. We found space around the muga, by the trim trail and in the allotment. We got stuck in and dug holes for the tree’s.

Meet our Eco Crew!

Here are some of our Eco crew. Come long on a Wednesday and see what we get up to!